A downloadable game for Windows

Two players traverse the level together. You can throw and lift each other across obstacles. But beware! Only one player can win by making it to the end of the level.  You can pretend to help the other player but actually let them fall to their demise and make a mad dash for the finish.

You are rewarded rockets for helping orgetting screwed over so it is a good idea to cooperate a little before stabbing your friend in the back!

Install instructions

only win 64 bit support for the moment


arbfg_win.zip 16 MB


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why the fuck is  there those orange things that kill you every second

Hi, thank you very much for trying out the game. I'm unfortunately not sure which obstacle you're referring to precisely. Every lethal obstacle is colour coded as orange. I assume you are referring to the pointy spikes that can be quite tricky to jump over. Try to time your double jump so that the second jump is a little bit delayed. That way you should be able to clear that obstacle.